I’m Amanda, a photographer who cherishes people and connection.

I’m just a gal living in Portland. I often travel wherever the wind takes me. You can usually find me anywhere along the west coast.  My husband and I love camping and hiking. We get out there as much as humanly possible. I’m a big fan of whiskey, a coffee enthusiast and a lover of dirty chai lattes!  Scrabble is my board game of choice, but I am always up for a good game of Settlers of Catan too! I am so obsessed with Harry Potter, it’s not even funny. I am a goofball at heart and a big fan of LOVE. 

 I am a photographer for the wildly in love. I believe that life’s most precious moments should be treasured, because moments matter. I am a true believer that your wedding photographs should capture how the day actually felt.  It’s all about capturing that pure joy on your wedding day as authentically and genuinely as possible. I like to think of myself as a wedding photographer ninja. I endeavor to capture all these brilliant smiles, happy tears and laughter-filled moments between you and all your loved ones during one incredible celebration centered around LOVE. 

Amanda Aceves Photography-1

I crave Mountains over Oceans

Amanda Aceves Photography-2

I love to explore botanical gardens

Aceves Photography-1-2

I am a BIG fan of sunsets

Amanda Aceves Photography-4

I got that travel bug

I freaking adore my husband. His CRAZY complements my CRAZY.


I focus on the real stuff. I will be all over those cheeky smiles, fits of laughter, and happy tears. I don’t like to overly pose my couples, so I keep it simple, fun, and candid. I love to capture those spontaneous, imperfect and wild moments that you will cherish for years to come. Our time together may include wind in your hair, dirt under your feet and some crazy dance moves! Let’s have some fun and create something awesome!


Weddings are so special! It’s the one day that you get to spend with all your love ones and friends celebrating nothing other than love! I can’t wait to hear all about your plans! I am here for any questions and I would love to share some of the tips and tricks that I have picked up along the way!