San Francisco City Hall Weddings

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City Hall Fun Facts

Why get married at city hall?

San Francisco City Hall is a lovely venue for small memorable and meaningful ceremonies . A City Hall wedding is a perfect match for couples who want to elope in an intimate, beautiful location. Every city hall wedding is as unique as the couple. I absolutely love photographing weddings in this elegant and iconic location. I offer a specialized range of collections, just for city hall weddings and small intimate ceremonies.

Okay, How much does it cost to get married at City Hall?

City Hall is super affordable :)
Marriage License = $104 Civil Ceremony = $83

Whats the best time to get married?

Monday -Wednesday mornings, are ideal days for a city hall ceremony. Fridays can be super busy.

How long do civil ceremonies last?

Civil ceremonies are super simple, to the point and just as sweet! Civil ceremonies typically last around 2 -10 minutes. It will be longer if you decide to read vows to each other ;)

How many guests are we allowed to bring?

City Hall allows up to 6 guests. So City Hall weddings are perfect for couples who want a small intimate wedding.

City Hall Wedding Collections

Collections Starting at $450 for minimalist coverage 

Collections range from $450-$1650 

City Collections only apply to City Hall and small intimate local ceremonies of 50 people or less.

Monday-Thursday. Ask for more details! 

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