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6 Steps for a Stress-Free Wedding

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Wedding planning can be overwhelming!  We often let pressure, worry, and people-pleasing interfere with this special time as we prepare to marry the love of our lives! Don’t stress, these simple steps will help you stress less and have more fun on your wedding day! 

6 Steps for a Stress-Free Wedding

Keep reading below for my top six tips for a stress-free wedding planning experience:

1. Schedule Wedding Planning Meetings

Communication is key for keeping wedding planning stress at bay. Set aside time once a week to sit down together with just the two of you to go over any updates, ask questions, do research, and make any decisions together. This will keep you both on the same page. Plus it is so much fun to plan together! You both can brainstorm ideas and come up with wedding plans crafted for you as a couple!

6 Steps for a Stress-Free Wedding

2. Location

When planning your wedding be sure to consider your location! Is your ceremony & reception at the same location or different locations? Travel time can really cut into wedding timelines. Oh if you have a separate dream ceremony spot or special location in mind by all means include this in your day! That being said, always ensure you are keeping travel time in mind. Maybe make a decision to get ready closer to your venue or ceremony location. Keeping things close or at the same location can help immensely on your wedding day! The best part is you won’t need to worry about herding all your friends and family from location to location. 

6 Steps for a Stress-Free Wedding

3. Don’t be Afraid to Delegate Tasks

When it comes to the wedding planning process, your loved ones want to help and support you along the way. Don’t be shy, let them help out! Easy, manageable tasks like stuffing envelopes, filling welcome bags and even rounding up family members for photos the day of can be delegated to others.

6 Steps for a Stress-Free Wedding

4. Buffer Time

Let’s face it weddings have so many running parts occasionally things happen like your Uncle Joe running late for family photos. When crafting your wedding timeline it’s very helpful to add a little bit of buffer time between events just to make sure that if things do run late we have plenty of time to work with. Feeling the time crunch is very stressful and this simple step will help you have more fun on your day!  

5. Keep Dating Your Fiancé

Remember you are getting married! Be sure to keep dating each other during this process. Wedding planning is fun, exciting, and emotional, and at times it can be overwhelming. Remember to take a step back, breathe and take a break from wedding planning to enjoy each other and why you are doing this in the first place. Go on a picnic, have a movie night, plan a hike or even turn your wedding planning tasks into date night!

6 Steps for a Stress-Free Wedding

6. Be present & have FUN! 

Your wedding day will be a joy-filled, exciting, and fun celebration!  All your friends and family will be gathered in one place to celebrate! It may feel like a total roller coaster of emotions. With all the excitement it is very easy to forget to be present with your partner on your wedding day.  If you feel yourself getting caught up in the whirlwind, take some time to be present with your partner!  This is your day to celebrate each other and your future together!  Remember to have fun and enjoy every moment of it!

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